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What you need to know about NBAStreams

You may know me as /u/notsoyoungpadawan – I was the founder of /r/soccerstreams before it was banned, and also the lead moderator of /r/nbastreams /r/nflstreams. I still help run /r/nflstreams and /r/redditsoccercity.
Unfortunately, a couple months ago, my Reddit account was banned along with the subreddit, which was really the first streaming subreddit to fall. At Soccerstreams, we pioneered the way streaming subreddits are run today, with 95% of the rules that are currently being used, and important features such as the Verified Streamer flair, and Verified Sticky bot.
This led to Soccerstreams growing from 0 users to over 500,000. Our OG SoccerStreams members will testify to this as well. 2-3 months ago, after my account was banned by Reddit, NBABite.com was advertised on /r/nbastreams because once soccerstreams was banned, we knew nbastreams wasn’t far behind. Our team has been moderating these subreddits for over 4 years so we wanted to create a place to preserve the community and give it enough time to migrate.
The subreddit being suddenly banned now, as you can see, has created chaos. This is what we wished to avoid, because we had gone through the same when soccerstreams was banned. Our only wish out of this is for you give us a chance to prove how our moderation methods and techniques are ahead of everyone else. If you would like to continue supporting our team, the one that really laid the foundation down for all the streaming communities you visit today, I would implore you to adopt NBABite as your sole destination for NBAstreams.
I promise, you will not be disappointed.
Cheers, -/u/notsoyoungpadawan